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Electrician Marlow

HDS Electrical is the name to trust if you’re looking for a reliable electrician in Marlow.

We are a small family-run company with high standards. For over 10 years, we’ve provided electrical services and solutions to the people of Marlow and throughout Buckinghamshire.

With our expertise, we are able to quickly diagnose and fix any fault or issue. We attend to safety checks, planned maintenance and electrical installations. Whether you have business or commercial premises, we ensure all your work is done to the best standards.

At HDS Electrical, we are proud of our great reputation for customer care. We are punctual and reliable. We get the job done safely and efficiently at an affordable price. As a result, we are known and trusted for the range of electrical services we provide.

After 10 years of trading, we have many reviews online. If you’re looking for assurance that you’re booking a trusted electrician, take a look at the feedback from happy customers. You’ll notice reviews on our website and also on google, facebook, Which?, Trustmark (government endorsed body) and Yell.

If you are looking for an electrician in Marlow then look no further as our friendly, efficient and cost effective service means that HDS Electrical are one of the best firms around. Contact us today. We are here to help.


“Came out first thing this morning to sort out blown lighting circuit, got the lights working and fitted two new spotlight bars in the kitchen in under an hour, great job, highly recommend and will be using again.”

Alex Gurney

“I was recommended by a friend to use Howard. He is super local to me and came out within 10 mins. He was very friendly, helpful and polite. Fixed the problem very quickly and gave good advice so it would not happen again. Will carry on using him and recommending him!”

Darren Hayday

“Highly recomend Howard, Mikey and co. They have done a great job of lighting up our new extension. Spotlights, led lighting, mounting our tv and soundbar. Quick response times when needed, great and friendly expert advice. Will definetly be calling on them again for our electrical needs. Thanks guys”

Chris Meyer

“HDS Electrical installed 16 various lights and power sockets throughout our garden over 2 years ago and we were delighted with the results. The two electricians who installed our lights and power were extremely friendly and professional.

A couple of weeks ago the 4 units uplighting our tree started flickering. I called HDS Electrical and spoke to Howard, who was super friendly and said he would send a couple of his team round the following day.

His team arrived the next evening and replaced 4 bulbs and this resolved the issue. I probably should have tried that myself and expected to pay for a call out and the bulbs. When I asked the guys about payment, they informed me to contact Howard, which I did. Unbelievably no payment was asked for, he was more concerned that his guys had done a good job and that I was happy.

Amazing customer service, almost 3 years after the original work was carried out. I can highly recommend HDS Electrical.”

James Whitcomb


We typically charge £65+VAT/hour or emergency call outs but always discuss price prior to starting a job in line with what our accreditors require us to do.
We always try to run a 24 hour service, however aren’t always able depending on availability/signal. Should you not be able to get us on the phone, leave a voicemail but more importantly text, message or email and we may pick that up sooner. Feel free to do all of the above to give us the best chance of picking it up, we appreciate a power loss crisis is a problem in the modern world and we are happy to help!
Yes, we wouldn’t fit anything but LED bulbs, lamps or fittings these days. Being typically 90% more efficient than standard lighting they are by far the best around for running costs. That means for every £100 you spend running normal bulbs you will only spend around £10 on these. While more expensive to initially purchase, the real saving is on life span on lamps ranging from 30,000-50,000 hour running time. That would be the equivalent of leaving the lights on for 5 hours a day, 365 days a year for around…20 years. We see a lot of instances where people think it is more cost effective to repeatedly buy cheap bulbs that blow every month or few months. By the time 10 or 20 of these have been replaced, it starts costing more than LED lamps, not accounting for the running costs or the hassle of changing all your downlights 20 times. We give a 5 year full warranty on almost all lamps bulbs and fittings we supply and install, feel free to ask us for more details on this. It’s a guarantee that none of our competitors match and something we are very proud to offer – quality and value for money.
We carry out all test and inspections on properties, including residential, commercial and industrial. We do a lot of work with landlords, tenants and even estate agents. We have an experienced team that has tested shops in most local high streets, factories and even an industrial estate (128 fuseboards, our current record). We also do a lot of testing for estate agents prior to buying or selling houses. If you are about to buy a house, we recommend you check out the installation prior. It may only need a few pounds worth of work or it may need over a thousand. Don’t get caught out! The types of tests we carry out are: – EICRs – Electrical Installation Condition Report A test to assess the safety of an installation. Previously called PIRs (Periodic Inspection Reports). These assess the property, the connections and it’s compliance with regulations. – EICs – Electrical Installation Certificate This certificate is issued following major works such as installation of a new consumer unit (fuseboard), or large circuits installed from the board – MWs – Minor Work Certificates This certificate is issued following minor works, hence the name. It covers alterations to an existing circuit such as changing a centre pendant to downlights (spotlights) or adding an extra socket within your kitchen.
Lengths of certificate depend on the installation type, commertial and industrial installations have generally smaller periods between recommended tests than residential dwellings have. Tthe maximum being 10 years for residential housing in an excellent condition. It is recommended this is a maximum date between tests.